I like the Ocean Course, why are you changing it?

There are a variety of reasons the Club is undertaking the project, including the objective to lift the status of the course, from a member’s perspective, closer to the status of the Old and Moonah courses. While many currently consider the current course to be satisfactory or good, separate individual professional opinions of golf course architects support the views of many members that significant changes are required to achieve a great course. It is important to note key existing appealing features of the course, such as generous fairways and modest carries of the tee, will be retained; whilst recognised design issues with green complexes, bunkers and routing will be addressed by the Proposal.

Why was Tom Doak chosen?

Mr Tom Doak from Renaissance Golf Design was chosen to undertake the redesign, as a result of:

  • Mr. Doak’s internationally recognised branding;
  • his history of first class courses throughout the world;
  • his proven performance when working with similar dunes land including the construction of courses in Australia (Barnbougle Dunes and St Andrews Beach);
  • his proven quality of workmanship including the important area of shaping of greens; and
  • the quality of his design submission and proposal.

Is the design final?

No. The Concept Plan is conceptual in nature and final location, shape, size and elevations of golf features will be determined during the implementation phase. For example, the in-the-field review will consider the final positioning of the ladies and men’s tees, including the distances of some holes. Mr Doak has advised he requires some flexibility about the final design for the best outcome to be achieved.

Will any of the existing features of the Course be retained?

Yes, the majority of fairway playing corridors will be retained despite some holes being played in different directions and others from different teeing grounds. As a consequence, construction costs of the Proposal will be lower than the construction costs for an entirely new course. In addition, it is proposed eleven existing green sites will be retained at or near the current locations.

Is the Club undertaking the Course re-design because other clubs are doing likewise?

No – but the market for prospective members is becoming even more competitive as evidenced by the decline of so many clubs. A key reason for the Proposal is therefore the marketing and branding opportunities to attract new members to the Club, in addition to the resultant superior golfing experience for existing and future members.

How long will the Course be out of action?

It is anticipated the Course will be closed for approximately eight months – there will be 4 months of construction (July, August, September and October) and 4 months of growing in the new turf (November, December, January and February).

What playing statistics support the Course being the least preferred at Cape Schanck?

Based on the detailed playing records which have been recorded at Cape Schanck, overall the Course is the least played by a significant margin, and specifically it is the least preferred course for members, for members introducing guests and for interstate visitors to the Club.